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17 November 2015

Rogue landlords rumbled by students get £30,000 legal bill

Two rogue landlords have been rumbled by building surveyor students in their final year who had knowledge of the lack of building standards in their private rented property Read more...

17 November 2015

Nottingham e-cigarette retailers found selling nicotine products to under 18s

A test purchasing operation carried out by Nottingham City’s Community Protection Trading Standards Service has identified that e-cigarette retailers across the city are selling nicotine products to children under the age of 18 Read more...

12 November 2015

Rogue landlord landed with £16,000 legal bill for putting tenants at risk

A rogue landlord who put his tenants at risk has been told by magistrate to sell property he owns in London to pay his £16,000 legal bill Read more...

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