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27 October 2009

Abusive street drinker served two year ASBO

An abusive and persistent street drinker has been issued a court order to prevent him from drinking alcohol on the streets of Hyson Green. Read more...

28 September 2009

Chief ASB Officer to help tackle serious youth violence

Nottingham's Chief Anti Social Behaviour Officer - Richard Antcliff is to join a government department to help tackle serious youth violence. Read more...

28 August 2009

Local residents win fight to close down Radford 'Crack House'

A multi-agency approach to tackling anti-social behaviour has secured the full ‘Crack House Closure’ of premises in Radford. Read more...

13 August 2009

Community Order for breaching ASBO

For several breaches of his Anti-Social Behaviour Order, James Healy was yesterday issued with a 12 month Community Order to be completed by October 2010. Read more...

6 August 2009

City Centre ASBO for woman who racially abused fellow passenger

A woman who racially abused a passenger on a Nottingham tram has been placed under an order, preventing her from causing trouble in the city centre for two years. Read more...

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