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04 June 2015

Rogue landlords fined for putting students at risk

Two rogue landlords who put profit before safety have been fined a total of £16,400 for safety breaches which put their student tenants at risk Read more...

02 June 2015

Safety events to prevent child accidents

Two child safety events are being held in Nottingham this week to highlight dangers around the home at teatime Read more...

21 May 2015

Poor hygiene leads to prosecution

A Nottingham restaurant has been landed with a legal bill of almost £10,000 after environmental health inspectors found multiple hygiene breaches on the premises. Read more...

21 April 2015

Rogue traders? Notts in my neighbourhood

Nottingham City Trading Standards and Nottinghamshire police have teamed up to launch the Stop Rogue Trader campaign to prevent residents from becoming victims of doorstep crime Read more...

20 April 2015

Nottingham gets tough on begging

Community Protection has secured convictions for two prolific beggars in Nottingham Read more...

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