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12 November 2015

Rogue landlord landed with £16,000 legal bill for putting tenants at risk

A rogue landlord who put his tenants at risk has been told by magistrate to sell property he owns in London to pay his £16,000 legal bill Read more...

30 October 2015

Disabled badge amnesty to run through November

Have you got a Blue Badge that is either not yours or no longer valid? If you have, then you can hand it in during November with no questions asked at any of Nottingham’s local libraries*. Read more...

30 October 2015

Stay safe this Bonfire Night

A warning has gone out to families in Nottingham ahead of Bonfire Night to ensure that everyone enjoys fireworks safely. Read more...

22 October 2015

Proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to tackle street drinking and the congregation of groups in the Hockley and Lace Market area

A need has been identified to control antisocial behaviour associated with the on street possession and consumption of alcohol and the high number of groups of people congregating and engaging such activity in the Hockley and Lace Market area of the city. Read more...

19 October 2015

Please do not give to prolific beggar Darren Walker

Darren Walker is a prolific beggar who has been begging in the city centre since 2010 in numerous streets and business doorways in the city centre. Read more...

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