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Our enforcement tools and powers

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Civil Order - For serious antisocial behaviour, the Community Protection service works with its partners including Nottinghamshire Police and Nottingham City Homes to exercise civil orders. Where appropriate an application will be made to the courts requesting for an offender to be placed under certain conditions with the aim of preventing them from re-offending.

Civil Injunction

Injunctions can be used to prevent individuals from engaging in antisocial behaviour, quickly nipping problems in the bud before they escalate. The civil power can help tackle a wide range of issues including vandalism, aggressive begging, noisy or abusive behaviour and irresponsible dog ownership. By prohibiting a person from further committing antisocial behaviour, injunctions can also include measures to address the underlying cause, offering fast and effective protection for victims and communities.

Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO)

This is a court order which can be issued after an individual is convicted of a criminal offence. Designed to help tackle the most serious and persistent offenders, a CBO can deal with a wide range of antisocial behaviours including the threat of violence against others, being persistently drunk and aggressive in public or criminal damage

Dispersal powers

Dispersal powers can be utilised to remove a person who is committing, or who might commit, antisocial behaviour, crime or disorder. This preventative power can disperse antisocial individuals for up to 48 hours, providing immediate short-term respite to a local community.

Community Protection Notice (CPN)

This notice seeks to stop an individual over the age of 16, a business or organisation, from persistently committing antisocial behaviour which impacts on a community’s quality of life. This power is intended to deal with particular, ongoing problems or nuisances.

Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

Designed to stop individuals or groups from committing antisocial behaviour in a public space, a PSPO is intended to deal with nuisance behaviour by imposing conditions on the use of a specific area. The order aims to ensure that law-abiding members of the public can enjoy public spaces, safe from the impact of antisocial behaviour. It can also prohibit certain activities such as drinking alcohol as well as placing requirements on use of the space, for instance ensuring that dog walkers keep their pets on a lead.

New closure powers

These are fast and flexible powers that can be used to protect victims and communities by quickly close premises being used to commit nuisance or disorder. A closure notice can be issued by the police or council to shut premises for up to 48 hours with the ability to apply for a six months closure notice through the courts.

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