Protecting Nottingham

Are you the face of Community Protection?


We are searching for people with unique qualities.

  • How would you persuade a group of teenagers to stop using a shopping centre as a skateboard park?
  • How would you deal with a local business owner who you suspect is fly-tipping?
  • In what way would you win the trust of a community who are too scared of reprisals when asked to give evidence against those blighting their community?
  • How would you break down barriers to communication and keep your cool in a potentially hostile situation?

You don't have the power of arrest.


You don't have handcuffs.


You don't have a baton.


So, we rely on our officers' abilities of persuasion, tact and quick thinking to deal with some of the most challenging people in difficult situations. But these aren't qualities that everyone has.


You understand that the way you develop relationships and inspire confidence is through listening.

You understand the need to judge each situation differently and realise that there might be several solutions to a problem. Your presence inspires confidence in the communities you patrol, and helps to make the city a better place for everyone.


Ultimately, your presence inspires confidence in the communities you patrol.



Does this sound like you?


As a Community Protection Officer, you'll be given the opportunity and responsibility to develop these skills and make a real difference. Within your local beat team you'll work closely with your Police Constable Beat Manager, and PCSO colleagues to deal with local issues at a local level.


We currently have two routes of entry to the Community Protection Service. Choose one of the options below to find a role that suits your needs.


Could you be the face of Community Protection?

Do you think you have the right qualities to be a CPO, are passionate about transforming Nottingham's neighbourhoods and can work 37 hours per week? Find out more or to find out more about our current vacancies please click here



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